Cajons and Castanets

The Cajon is a box shaped percussive instrument used in contemporary styles of flamenco here in Spain. They are generally made of thin plywood, and the flamenco cajon has two sets of wires which give a crisp snare sound.  It’s a unique and versatile instrument that produces sharp rhythms, beats and harmonies. The short staccato sound that the cajon provides features as the rhythmic base in many flamenco groups. At Ronda Guitar House, we have a selection of basic, student, semi-professional and professional cajons for sale.


Another typical flamenco percussive instrument are the iconic castanets.  They consist of two hollowed out chestnut shaped pieces of hardwood or fibreglass hinged together by a cord. They are held in the hand and used in Spain primarily by dancers in classical, flamenco and folkloric dance.  We stock both professional and souvenir castanets.



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