Andy Martin

Andy Martin is the maker of unique and beautifully hand-crafted Classical and Flamenco guitars.  Not only great sounding guitars but amazing looking guitars as well. All Andy's guitars are made from unusual, exotic or just plain sexy wood, showcasing his passion and creativity. Taught by a master luthier in Spain, he now lives and works in Granada province, bringing a touch of the exotic and unusual to traditional guitar making.


Andy's website


Padre Mariano Soubiron 4

29400 Ronda, Málaga. Spain.
+ 34 951 916 843    

+ 34 660 280 720


Monday to Saturday 

10:00am till 20:30pm



Lunes a Sabado

10:00h a 20:30h

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Calle Padre Mariano Soubirón nº4 29400 Ronda, Málaga, Spain
+34 951 916 843 / +34 660 280 720 /

OPENING TIMES Monday to Saturday - 10:00am till 8:30pm
HORARIO DE APERTURA Lunes a Sabadoo - 10:00h a 20:30h

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