Andrew Davidson

Andrew Davidson lives and works in Totnes, Devon, UK and he builds guitars in the traditional Spanish style. He started guitar making in 2.000 at the London Guildhall University, where he completed a BSc degree in Musical Instrument Technology.


In 2004, he travelled to Paracho, Mexico where he discovered a local craftsman, Gabriel Hernandez, willing to teach him the old ways of instrument building that had been introduced by Spanish missionaries on their arrival to the Americas.  

When he returned to the UK he started to develop his own style of guitar construction based on his experience.  Andy established a workshop in Totnes, Devon and currently works on a commission basis.  He is inspired by historical instruments and offers guitar making courses.  


Andy is a responsible guitar maker, he is passionate about environmental issues and buys local wood wherever possible.  He ensures wood is air dried and recycles hardwoods to minimise the impact on the tropical rainforests.  He currently works with English walnut, ash, sycamore and yew to build the guitar bodies.  All the wood is carefully selected, quarter sawn and straight grained before it is stored for some years to ensure the stability before it becomes a beautiful guitar.


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