About Us

About Ronda Guitar House

In September of 2015, Ronda Guitar House opened its’ doors, with the mission of providing a truly authentic, culturally rich environment dedicated to quality music in the city of Ronda.

Our team is formed by international members; therefore we are able to assist you in English, Spanish and various other languages! All of us at Ronda Guitar House work together to promote the Spanish guitar and music through the medium of daily concerts, special concert series and the annual “Ronda International Guitar Festival”.

Ronda Guitar House is a delight for all the senses. Apart from SEEING the artist perform and HEARING beautiful music, you can TASTE lovely local Ronda wine, FEEL and try out the instruments for sale and SMELL the wood of the guitars (cypress, cedar & pine), as well as the essential oils that we diffuse at our venue. All this to give you a complete experience.

About The Founders

The founders of Ronda Guitar House are two people whose love for music brought them together:

Paco Seco from Seville, a professional musician who began to play flamenco guitar at the age of seven.  He studied flamenco and classical guitar, jazz, world and electronic music, ethnic percussion and composed music for theatre and dance productions.

Lucy Stewart from Guildford, England, an intrepid traveller and lover of many musical styles such as jazz, R&B, soul, rock, reggae, world and meditative music/kirtans.  She worked to travel the world, looking to discover other cultures through music.

When Lucy made a trip to Spain to learn to play the guitar, she and Paco met in a yoga class in Seville! After years of travel and adventures together, they decided to move to a small village in the Ronda Mountains in 2008. After becoming the proud parents of 3 beautiful daughters, they decided to venture another challenge: Opening up their own business.

Paco and Lucy developed a concept where they incorporate their combined knowledge and experience: A unique venue dedicated to the Spanish guitar where quality music is served daily, alongside fine Ronda wine with a collection of guitars and world instruments as the backdrop.

Ronda Guitar House, created out of love and commitment, where the MUSIC is the centre of all their activity!  


            + 34 660 280 720


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